You can refer to the frequently asked questions below to find out more about our long and short term boarding and cat sitting services. We are one of the most trusted boarding catteries in Braintree. 

What proof do we need of my cats vaccinations?


Your vet will provide you with a vaccination certificate. Inside it will show the date of vaccination along with a sticky label off the vaccine bottle and a date of its next annual booster. On the day of arrival to our cattery please bring with you your cat’s vaccination certificate.


Why are cat vaccinations so important?


When your cat comes into a cattery there will be lots of other cats. Some cats can carry the cat flu virus, which becomes airborne and your cat may contract it this way. The same can apply by your cat brushing against the next-door neighbour’s cat. Cat flu, can be very nasty for cats so it’s important that they’re protected for their well-being.


What if my cat’s vaccination dates have lapsed?


If your cat’s vaccination dates have lapsed by a few weeks don’t worry, just go back to the vets for its annual booster. If it’s lapsed by a few months you will need to consult your veterinary surgeon as probably you cat will need to start all over again.


Why Should my cat be treated for Worms and Fleas?


All cats that are going to be visiting the cattery should be treated for worms and Fleas prior to their stay. We recommend a flea treatment (Advocate) from the Veterinary surgery, we have found that over the counter treatments such as Frontline are now no longer effective. If your cat has been treated for fleas they are less likely to contract fleas from any other boarders. Please make a note of the name and date the treatment was given. If Fleas/worms are suspected o or found on your cat during their stay, Veterinary attention will be sought and the cost will need to be paid by you on collection of your cat.


What food do you supply? 


We provide Whiskas, Felix and Sheba wet pouches and Whiskas or go-cat dry biscuits. We have a variety of age including Kitten, 1+ and senior, if your cat will not eat the food we supply or if they have a specialised/prescription diet you will be asked to supply a sufficient amount to last their stay.


How many times a day do you feed?


We understand all cats are different; therefore a personal feeding plan will be made on arrival to the cattery. We generally feed twice per day but have in the past fed up to 5 times a day.


Can I pick up/drop off my cat on a weekend or Bank Holiday?


After our opening hours we like to keep our Saturday afternoon, Sundays and Bank Holidays free for our family time, as we are open to the public virtually all year round. If a collection or drop off is delayed we can make exception to the rule, and an appointment out of hours will be offered, however, please be mindful of the appointment time and arrive when expected.


How will my cat react to being in a cattery?


Most cats, particularly if not used to going into a cattery, tend not to move around very much and just find and nestle into a corner and this tends to be exacerbated for short stays – where time to settle is limited. Slightly nervous cats observe and take stock in a way that only cats can and that cat owners are only really equipped to imagine. Many cats don’t eat much for up to the first 48 hours, sometimes less, sometimes more.


Can I bring favourite toys in for my cat?


Certainly, although apart from kittens, when not actively being played with, grown cats don’t really seem to make use of them.


Can I bring a favourite bed/blanket in for my cat?


Yes, all we say is that if your cat soils the bed/blanket we will wash it in the cattery machine at 60 degrees in an animal friendly detergent, therefore we cannot take responsibility if the item should shrink/change shape or colour.


Can we look round the cattery?


Absolutely! We strongly encourage prospective and even returning customers to have a look round Kitty Comforts before booking with us. Please call 07731729792 to arrange an appointment.