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       Kitty Comforts Boarding Cattery has been providing excellent cat sitting solutions since 2017

Your Feline Friend Will Receive the Very Best Care at Our Cattery

As a cat owner, the constant worry and guilt about leaving your pet home alone can keep you from fully enjoying your holiday.  At Kitty Comforts, we understand your concerns all too well, which is why we provide complete cat sitting services at our boarding cattery.  We'll go above and beyond to ensure that your cat feels at home and receives a stress - free stay.

You're more than welcome to visit our Cattery prior to booking a chalet for your cat.

For your convenience we can provide a collection and delivery service at a minimal fee, this service has to be arranged at the time of booking.

We are happy to administer prescribed medications - all medications to be provided in original packaging and clearly labelled with the cats name, surname and  directions.

Kitty Comforts is now able to take care of smaller furry friends as we now have a Rabbit and Guinea pig area.  This comprises of outdoor hutches, we also have runs so they can happily have a run around on fresh grass.  For more information please call.


Our Services include


   Long term cat boarding

    Short term cat boarding

      Collection & Delivery - at cost

         Administration of Prescribed medications

Rabbit Boarding

Guinea Pig Boarding

Three Cats Playing
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