Terms and Conditions of boarding 

Booking/payment terms:

  • A Booking fee of 25% is required per booking, payable by bacs with in 24 hours of booking being made. This booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances and is offset against administration. If the booking fee is not received within 24 hours of booking being made then the customer risks loosing the booking and the dates may be offered to another customer. A Telephone enquiry/provisional booking is not confirmed until the booking fee is received.

  • If you decide to cancel the booking the booking the booking fee will be lost. If no notification is given there will be a charge of 50% of the remaining booking amount owed. Also if you decide not to turn up on your agreed date you will be invoiced for 50% of the final booking amount . This will remain on record until paid.

  • All fees are payable on arrival at Kitty Comforts.  We accept payments bacs.

  • Your cat's chalet will be available for use from 10 am on your arrival date and until 5 pm on the date of departure.  Therefore, we charge for the day in and out (any part of a day counts as a whole).  We prefer cats to be brought in as early as possible to help them settle and experience a full day with the staff, particularly for our first time boarders.

  • Refunds can not be given for early returns.

  • Cats arriving late will be charged from the original date of booking.

  • Cats can only be accepted or given out within our business hours.  Owners or anyone authorised must call the following day if unable to reach Kitty Comforts by closing time on the day of departure or the next time of business, whichever is applicable.

  • During busy periods, cats must be collected on stated day out.  A surcharge of £5 per cat will apply for cats left longer than the dates reserved without prior notification, in addition to the normal daily rate.

  • A telephone enquiry/provisional booking is not accepted as a booking.  To reserve a place, a completed booking form, if deposits are not received 7 days prior to arrival date then the booking is automatically cancelled.  As we operate a first-come-first-served basis with bookings, it is essential that booking forms and deposits are received to avoid disappointment.  Any customers bringing their cat(s) into the cattery on the day of entry without prior booking form completion will not be accepted.

  • No cat(s) will not be accepted into the cattery without a UK contact name, address and telephone number.  Owner's/contacts will be asked to remove difficult cats from the cattery.  Owners must make the contact aware of this responsibility.

Inoculations / Vaccinations

  • To be accepted into Kitty Comforts, all cats must be fully vaccinated against Flu, Enteritis and preferably Feline Leukaemia within the last 12 months and not less than 4 weeks prior to boarding.  Vaccination Certificates must be seen and left at Kitty Comforts for the duration of their stay, a copy of the Certificate will also be kept on file. 

Temperament /Condition

  • All cats must be fit, in good condition, and of a pleasant temperament when entering Kitty Comforts.  In the event of your animal falling ill during boarding, we reserve the right to call in a Veterinary Surgeon.  All costs are to be borne by the owner.  This will include any Veterinary call-out charges, transportation, etc.  It is the owner's responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds to cover this.  We at Kitty Comforts will attempt to contact either the owner or the emergency contact on file for instruction should  a matter of emergency or ill health arise whilst boarding.  We reserve the right to turn away any animal which we feel is not suitable to be boarded. 

  • It is emphasized whilst every care and attention is given, the proprietors accept no responsibility of injury due to your cats behaviour whilst boarding in the cattery.

  • Owners are liable for any damage inflicted upon staff or property by their cat(s).

  • Should any cat be found to be hosting fleas, the person responsible for collecting the cat will, at the time of collection, be liable for all costs of treating the animal and the surrounding environment considered necessary by the owners of Kitty Comforts.


  • Beds and toys are not required, they will be supplied.  Please note we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to customer belongings, i.e. any type of bedding, toys, collars etc.  The chalets are cleaned daily and toys, etc, are easily lost when the bedding etc is changed.  Therefore, we please ask you do not bring anything precious or anything your would not want to lose.  We cannot guarantee bedding will be returned and/or in the same condition it was brought in.  Any destroyed or soiled bedding will be disposed of.

  • It is stressed that all cats must be in a secure basket/carrier at all times when the owners bring them in and also when they are collected as we accept no responsibility for loss or injury.  Baskets/carriers can be left at Kitty Comforts but must be suitably labelled and are left at the owner's risk.

Abandoned ​animals

  • In the event of an animal not being collected within 7 days of the departure date, we will try to trace/communicate with the owner/emergency contact before proceeding with legal action.  If the owner/emergency contact does not make suitable arrangements for the cat to be collected and fees paid, then we at Kitty Comforts reserve the right to seek Veterinary assistance / re-homing of the cat.  Also, please note fees will be charged at the day rate plus the surcharge of an extra £5 per day for the duration.

Collection and Delivery

  • Cats to be collected from the owner's home must be ready for collection on the day and at the time arranged between Kitty Comforts and the owner.

  • Cats must be transported in a secure cat carrier and on no account be allowed to travel in the car without a suitable carrier.

  • All cats must have their valid vaccination record with them and must be taken with the cat to Kitty Comforts.

  • Payment for boarding and the transportation must be paid in full when Kitty Comforts arrive to collect the cat from their home address.

  • Delivery of the cat to their home will be made at a suitable time within business ours arranged Having dealt with the necessary paperwork and settled the boarding fees, the cats will be taken from the customer by the cattery staff.  No owners will be permitted to take their cat(s) into the cattery for insurance and health & safety purposes.  This helps reduce stress on the animals boarded.  Whilst in our care, no cat(s) will be allowed visitors as this can upset them, between Kitty Comforts and their owners.

  • Presently, Kitty Comforts will collect and delivery cats within a 15 mile radius of Kitty Comforts for a minimum charge £10 each way, however, we can collect and deliver further afield for an extra charge.

Having dealt with all the necessary paperwork and settled the boarding fees, cat(s) will be taken through to the main cattery.  Owners will not be permitted in to the main cattery, this is for Insurance and Health and Safety purposes.  This helps reduce the stress on the animals boarded.