Valerian Root & Cats

Valerian Root is an all natural plant with a super pungent smell that can give cats a big reaction! It is perfect to try if your cat is one of the 40% who do not react to catnip or you are just looking for something else for them to enjoy during play time.

What is Valerian Root?

Valarian Root is from a herb plant, a flowering herb with a sweetly scented white or pink flower that grows around the world. The root is a brown and chunky mass full of sticks and small round balls. Right out of the ground it wouldn’t be very appealing but with some cleaning and chopping, it is just right for cats to enjoy.

This plant has long been used by humans as a medicinal herb. People most commonly use Valerian in the form of a tea or a dietary supplement due to its calming effects. But believe it or not, cats have a much different reaction to this all natural herb than humans! Many pet owners find out that their cats loves Valarian when they see them run off with one of their tea bags! Behaviours of cats on Valerian root are similar to the commonly experienced behaviours of cats on catnip. It results in playful behaviours such as rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, pouncing, drooling and licking.

How does Valerian Root work? Is Valerian a cat drug?

Cats reaction to Valerian Root is based solely on the scent that f the essential oils which are thought to mimic cat pheromones which put them in a playful or loving mood. It is not a drug that is eaten or metabolised by them and there are no long term effects. Be warned that the scent can be a little strong to humans. It is sometimes described as earthy, like cheese, or maybe old socks but cats love it! The effects usually only last between 5-30 minutes and young kittens who haven’t reached maturity may not react until they are a bit older.

Is Valerian safe for my cat?

Valerian Root is not only safe for your cat but it can actually be beneficial! It aids in relieving stress and anxiety and helps to promote play and exercise for house cats who prefer to lay around all day. It also helps to promote a bond between pet parent and Kitty. Valerian Root is completely safe for your cat to smell and ingest in the amounts used in play. Because it is not metabolites it is impossible to overdose on, be addicted to, have withdrawal from, or cause any long lasting physical effects.

How do I give Valerian Root to my Kitty?

You can give Valerian in its natural form to your cst in a few different ways. It is typically coarsest chopped into small pieces to release then scent the most strongly. Because cats have such sensitive sense of smell, a few pinches goes a very long way. Sprinkle directly on the floor where you want your cat to play and they will roll around in it enjoying its scents. You can also put the Valerian into toys to riling how long your kitty enjoys each serving and keep the mess contained.

This information was from the meowyjanes website

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